The neurotransmitter systems - a single amino acid, glutamate and GABA. Five years ago, our research indicated that glutamate didn't play a part. Today, we think it may play the biggest part. Glutamate and GABA work as a counterpoint neurotransmitter system. They're 90% of the neurotransmitter systems. GABA is the receptor site for alcohol and benzole GABA-A. This a semi-hypnotic withdrawal syndrome; cocaine, opiates, marijuana, nicotine, none of those have life threatening withdrawals. 85% of the people who come off alcohol, or sedative drugs such as Valium or Benzodiazepine, will not need medical detox. 15% will go into DTs and 15% of them will die.  Sometimes, even if get there in time, death cannot be prevented, so checking into the Holiday Inn to get off alcohol is not a good idea.