The Miracles of Sex Addiction Recovery

My Sex Addiction Caused Separation

My wife has recently come back into my life, after several months of complete separation as a result of my sex addiction. This alone is a miracle, and I need to constantly remind myself of that.  And yet--even with this miracle, as well as knowing how much love she shows me (through supporting my recovery, taking the huge risk to herself by sharing her feelings honestly with me, and on and on)--I am still defective and love crippled. I find myself at times focusing on how to hurry the reconciliation process along on my terms, on how I need her to show me love NOW. My crazy mind even tries to convince myself that I shouldn't fully trust her (such incredible irony after all I've done to violate her trust, and all she's done to show grace and forgiveness and support in spite of it all).

Sexahoilcs Anonymous Has Reunited Us

I’m also scared that I can't possibly show her the kind of love that she shows me and needs for herself. But, bit by bit I think (I hope!) that, through the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous, I'm progressing and allowing my Higher Power to do for me what I could never have done for myself. Because of Sexaholics Anonymous, I have so much to be grateful for, each and every day.

The miracle of surrender