S-Anon With SA Open Meeting Format

This Open Meeting Format is occasionally used at Conventions where both SA and S-Anon are present.  

Duration: 60-90 minutes plus time for fellowship before or after, if possible.


S-Anon chair opens the meeting

  • leads the Serenity Prayer
  • reads a general welcome
  • announces the location of restrooms, identifies literature & snack tables
  • reads any other housekeeping info (“room closes at XXpm”)

Initial Readings

S-Anon chair announces “A series of readings by members of both SA and S-Anon” and introduces each reader (“I’d like to ask ___ to come up and read __”)

  • an S-Anon reads The S-Anon Welcome
  • an SA reads "The SA Purpose"
  • an SA reads "The 12 Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous"
  • an S-Anon reads “The 12 Traditions of S-Anon”
  • an SA reads “What is a Sexaholic and What is Sobriety”
  • an SA reads “The SA Problem”
  • an S-Anon reads ”The S-Anon Problem”
  • an SA reads “The SA Solution”
  • an S-Anon reads “The S-Anon Keys to Recovery”
  • an S-Anon reads “The S-Anon Anonymity Reminder”

First Speaker (speakers’ choice - can be SA or S-Anon first)

A friend or sponsor of the speaker introduces the first speaker, who then speaks for 20-30 minutes (someone should be timer)

SA chairperson announces the 7th Tradition

Any SA and Any S-Anon pass baskets

Second Speaker

A friend or sponsor of the speaker introduces the second speaker, who then speaks of 20-30 minutes (someone should be timer)

Closing Remarks

SA chairperson 

  • identifies and explains literature tables
  • asks for and identifies any volunteer temporary sponsors (SA & S-Anon)
  • announces other upcoming fellowship approved events
  • thanks everyone for coming
  • asks for volunteers to stay and help clean up
  • introduces any SA to read “A Vision for You”
  • introduces any S-Anon to read “Gifts of the S-Anon Programme”
  • closes with any prayer acceptable to both fellowships (default = Serenity Prayer)