Married Member Shares: Loner gets sober "In fellowship with other who have been there"

I have been a sexaholic for about 50 years but it was only about 3 years ago that I was confronted and challenged to change my life. Sure I had struggled to change over the years and with limited success. For periods I'd given up (in my own strength) lusting, pornography and masturbation. 

The ultimatum came when I was confronted with a choice: lust and porn or marriage and vocation?

There are no Sexaholics Anonymous meetings where I live, but I obtained a phone Sponsor from another recovery group (not SA) and worked the 12 steps. After 2 years, I completed the 12 Steps a changed man.

Then self-pride stepped in and I acted out. I was confronted once again: lust and porn or marriage and vocation?

I am now back on track, a lot more humble and more determined than ever to stay sober, thanks to my Higher Power, my dear wife and a fellowship of others who have "been there and done that".