Long-term sober member shares: "Sobriety is good for your health."

A long-lasting period of abstinence without sexually acting out has affected my health for the better. Today because of Sexaholics Anonymous I am happy, joyous and (learning to be) free. But I will admit I had to try just about every other option before I was willing to accept the SA solution. 

It's my understanding that Sexaholics Anonymous is a spiritual fellowship that follows the 12 traditions of SA (as originally created by our friends in AA) and as such has no opinion on outside issues such as science or psychology.  No one person speaks for the fellowship.  Each of us can only speak for ourselves and what works for us.  We do our best to avoid controversy. 

I'm grateful to be reminded that in the insanity of my illness my ego wants to discredit the very fellowship and program that offers me healing.  I've come to realize that it's a normal part of my recovery.  I question my sponsor on a regular basis, I doubt the sincerity of my home group and I lose all confidence in the local intergroup, region and general delegate assembly,  I've even questioned Roy K's (founder of Sexaholics Anonymous) motives and I had never met the man.

I have lived with impending doom and terminal lack for so long that it is impossible for me to view life any other way.  BUT because of the 12 Steps and the principles they teach I have experienced a new way of viewing the world.  I have hope. I trust that life can be joyful and healthy.  I even believe that I can be USEFUL and of service to God as I understand God.  And that my friends is a miracle.