Loan Materials Person

Sobriety: Varies                       Term: 6 months

  • Arrive promptly one hour before the meeting begins.
  • Change the subscription addresses for the Essay newsletter when you take over this commitment.  Email [           ] to change the subscription address.
  • The Loan table* should be set up by [45 minutes before start time] at the latest.
  • Arrange the current and back copies of Essay together with CDs and other loan materials. [##] copies of Essay are to be purchased. Of these, [#] are to be sold and one retained for lending.
  • Record each loan and return in the Loan book, as they occur. All loan items are lent one week. You are responsible for reminding borrowers to return any items that are overdue.
  • Always introduce yourself to any newcomers and let them know what may be borrowed from the Loan table.
  • Monies from the sale of Essay are to be recorded in the Loan book and passed to the treasurer at the end of each meeting.