Living One Day at a Time in Sexaholics Anonymous

One of the greatest gifts of the Sexaholics Anonymous program is that I’ve learned I can take life one day at a time. I don't need to be sexually sober forever; I just need to be sober today. My Higher Power, Who has protected me from the full consequences of my lust in the past, also watches the future for me, one day at a time--just for today. As I’ve heard in SA meetings:

"Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery; But today is a gift. That's why they call it......the present."

Being sexually sober today, there are still calamities, triggers, defects of character, and all sorts of things that I need to work through.  But my Higher Power provides me with the tools I need to handle these things. Most important, my Higher Power seems to delight in working through my brothers and sisters in SA as I work the program, just for today.

For the record, early sexual sobriety was horrible for me. I would not recommend going through that more than once--although, being a slow learner, I've had the pleasure of repeating the experience. But it doesn't take so awfully long to get through the worst of withdrawal from lust, and in a few weeks, things get easier. Not easy, but easier.

Over time, as I have done the work, I have discovered deeper, richer joys that I could not have imagined in my active disease. And it gets better.

So to those who say, “This is a tall order, who can do it?," I would say that each of us can--with the power and the help we receive from God of our understanding, and the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous.

--Grateful recovering sexaholic, sexually sober since 1/31/14