Literature Secretary

Sobriety: 6 months                Term: 6 months

  • Arrive promptly one hour before the meeting begins.
  • Arrange two tables*: the Literature table - for SA approved literature only; and the Group table - for non-conference approved materials.
  • White tac relevant price lists on the wall above these tables. Lay out all literature on the tables. Stand books up against the wall, near their relevant price list.  Lay out pamphlets neatly in front.
  • On the Group table, lay out all copies of minutes, Group reports and other non-conference approved literature.  Keep one copy of each set of minutes and Group report after each new GSC.
  • Both tables need to be set up by [45 minutes before start time] at the latest.
  • Never leave the literature unattended. If you need to leave the literature table for any reason, arrange a suitable stand-in.
  • A literature float of [amount] in change is to be maintained.
  • At the end of each meeting, ask the Secretary whether any newcomers had enquired about sponsorship. If so, issue a newcomer's pack to the newcomer's sponsor.
  • All stock must be counted and logged on the inventory sheet at the end of each meeting. Pass all monies received from the sale of literature to the treasurer before leaving the venue.
  • Make out a new literature order every [ ] weeks, before each GSC meeting.  Pass the completed order form to the treasurer at the GSC meeting.  The treasurer will later give you [a cheque/bank draft] for the amount needed for the literature order.
  • It is your responsibility to post the order and payment to [SAICO].  Stamps and envelopes are kept in the literature bag.  Purchase Stamps and envelopes as required, using the Literature float. Give the receipt to the treasurer after any Group or GSC meeting.
  • When you receive new books, wrap them in cling film to keep them clean and the prevent their covers from tearing.  Buy cling film as required and give the receipt to the treasurer for reimbursement.