Let Go and Let God

It's a good thing that the Twelve Step program does not require perfection for it to work, otherwise I would not be sober today.  A lot has changed for me in the last six years, and I'm thankful to God for continuing to grant me the gift of sobriety, moment by moment, every day. Without sobriety, I'd still be using the drug of lust to numb out and avoid the realities of life. But having worked the Twelve Steps as my sponsor suggested I do them, I started to "practice these principles in all my affairs,” and real progress has definitely happened. This life is far better than the one I used to live. It's not perfect, but that's okay. I no longer want to live in the fantasy world that life will be what I imagine it should be. And that's progress as well.

As the SA White Book says:

"In summary, for us surrender is the change in attitude of the inner person that makes life possible. It is the great beginning, the insignia and watchword of our program. And no amount of knowledge about surrender can make it a fact until we simply give up, let go, and let God. When we surrender our 'freedom,' we become truly free." (SA p.81)