Learning What Love is in Lust Recovery

As a love cripple in my sex addiction, I would confuse sex with love. I thought that if a woman or man would have sex with me, then she or he obviously loved me. When my first and second wives would not have sex with me when I wanted it, that meant to me that they did not love me. Now, being married a third time--and all in sex addiction recovery--when my wife doesn't want to have sex, I accept that because I know she still loves me.

Also in the past, if my wife or a close relative argued with me or disagreed with me, that would mean to me he or she did not love me. I was a love cripple. I was a love cripple because lust kills love. Lust is taking and love is giving. I always wanted to take from others and I never wanted to give. Or if I wanted to give, it was always tied to expecting to take something from them as a reward for my giving, so it wasn't true love.  But through the fellowship of SA, I have learned what love is.  Thank you God for Sexaholics Anonymous!