Learning to be Generous Through Sexaholics Anonymous

Last Monday, I found that I had some extra money in my bank account, so I decided to share a bit of it with some charity organizations. This was not easy for me, because my ego told me that I needed the money more than the poor people who I planned to support. But I let that thought go, and I transferred more money than had I planned.

Then, in the evening of the same day, at our Sexaholics Anonymous meeting, we decided to send our Seventh Tradition basket to Sexaholics Anonymous Central Office (SAICO), because it was Sexaholics Anonymous Gratitude Week. I had to struggle with myself again, but I ended up putting more money into the basket than usual.

Then that evening--after I had volunteered to transfer this extra money to SAICO--I discovered that during the day I had received some extra money from my work. I didn't expect that at all, and it was ten times more money than I had put in the basket that day! I couldn't believe it!

As the SA “White  Book” says, “We help, expecting nothing in return, and the measure we receive is the measure we've given of ourselves to another” (SA, page 75).

Now I regret that I didn't send more!