Lack of satiation

When some people smoke dope, it really helps with their ADD. What we've found in relation to eating disorders is a down-rated endocannabinoid system. I am sure that we will also find the same thing with sexual compulsivity. The brain has it's own marijuana system. The brain has it's own endogenous opiates, its own endogenous stimulants and its own endogenous Valium. It has its own endogenous nicotine through the nicotinic receptor sites. It has it's own brain chemistry.

The cannabinoids are what dampen our brains and give us relief or satiation. We now know that, in eating disorders, there is a major screw up under genetic control of the endogenous cannabinoid system.  I am 100% sure that we're going to find the same problem in sexual compulsivity. It's a disease of lack of satiation control, based on a regulatory mechanism that fails and it's going to be the endocannabinoid system.

Research suggests that this part of the brain is also involved with perception. Eating disorder patients can look in a mirror and not even see what's there. It's as if that part of the brain has "been stroked". Clancy Imislund calls this "a disease of perception". We call it the "peculiar mental twist". It's the way we "think ourselves back to a drink" because we haven't dealt with our character defects and we're still irritable, restless and discontented. In Jim's story (Alcoholics Anonymous p.35) we read about his thinking and of his "nervous disposition".

Remember seeing Harry last night? Is he irritable, restless and discontented? Harry is a classic example of a worm in hot ashes. He's a spiritual giant, because he's bringing us the solution, but his whole internal system is unable to get satiated. I never feel that I'm enough, it's enough, we're enough. The whole deal is never enough not to be irritable, restless and discontented.