How Sexaholics Anonymous Has Helped me Stay Sober

Here are the thing that have helped me stay sober:

- I hit bottom (although it can always be worse)

- A good friend and I (and our Higher Power) started a weekly meeting in our cars, and then we moved to a real place

- I have done service for the programme

- I have made friends with other sexaholics

- I have worked the Steps with a sponsor!! Step Four and Five have had a huge positive impact on my level of lusting.

- When lust knocks at the door, I try to keep cool and keep on living my life like I'm supposed to live. I keep it simple: I do the washing up, I finish my work, etc

- I take quality time with the people I love. I re-started playing the piano and buying records, which I had stopped doing because lust had me VERY busy.

- I try to watch out for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear, whenever they pop up (and they often do)

But mostly: I thank every one of you for being part of this wonderful fellowship. That is what works most for me today.