How to Get the most Benefit from SA

One of our old-timers has especially made it clear how to take full benefit of SA:

Get a sponsor immediately. Find someone who has what you want.Recovery is impossible without a guide!!!

2. Work through the Twelve Steps thoroughly but quickly in order to clear the path that leads to a spiritual experience

3. Go to meetings. If you don’t have a local meeting, there are loads of phone meetings to attend at all hours of the day and night, while you are in process of finding a place to start your own face to face meeting

4. Do service locally and/or regionally. Service can be as simple as leading a phone meeting or opening the door for a face-to-face meeting

5.  Sponsor others. Giving it away is the only way to keep it. Using my experience to benefit others helps me feel useful and loved by others and by God. God shows me his love through others in recovery!

6. Optional but extremely useful: Attend SA conventions. Attending local and regional conventions has given me the opportunity to meet fellow members and develop friendships with them. THAT is a heavenly experience. Find the next convention that's close to you, buy a plane ticket and register!!!

As I have followed these suggestions, little by little I began to see the light. Thousands of SA members worldwide have followed these suggestions and have recovered. They have found the true connection.The true connection for me is discovering that God really loves me and that I'm lovable. God shows His love for me as I help others find God’s love for them. God shows his love for me as He keeps me clean from lust in my thoughts, my words, and my actions. No human power could have ever helped me, no effort I made towards the solutions of this world ever solved my problems— but working the SA program of recovery did. Follow these Steps and you the best chance to recover from sexaholism.