This Higher Power demanded my total commitment

Once, when I was involved in the corporate world, I imagined that I could "beat" this obsession on my own, "with the "help" of the programme".

As I struggled, I explored many other therapies and programmes other than Sexaholics Anonymous. I had money and I reasoned that "more is better", because in my corporate life that principle worked.

Eventually I grasped, through my repeated failures, that the programme of Sexaholics Anonymous was far more powerful than anything else I had found, because it deals with the root of my problem  - my underlying lust obsession.

It deals with lust by inviting me to do something absolutely radical: to surrender my own will (which clearly hadn't worked for me anyway) and instead accept (as a working hypothesis) that there might really be a Higher Power, wholly beyond my own capacity to grasp, who was capable of doing what I had blatantly failed to do - namely to keep me sober.

There was only one hitch. This Higher Power demanded my total commitment. No half measures. No fall-back. No alternative therapies (and anyway in my case none of them had worked either). This stage in my thinking turned out be the essence of SA's Steps 1-3.

So I tried it. It worked. And it has been working for me ever since.