Group Report Editor

Sobriety: 2 years                           Term: 2 years

  • A Group Report is published in the week following each IG meeting.
  • The Group Report Editor (GRE) attends each GSC meeting, as a voting member. GSC minutes are given to the GRE the week following the GSC, both in hardcopy and by email.
  • The GSC Chair compiles a report and emails this to the GRE for insertion on the first page of the Group Report (after being checked for grammar or spelling errors).
  • A report is also received from the GSR concerning IG and fellowship matters. This is also checked for errors and then included in the Group report.
  • Group members’ sobriety birthdays are published and any articles that have been written by Group members. Sponsors normally check such articles before they are passed to the GRE, who check them again for errors before they are included.
  • The “Points to Ponder” section of the Group Report, needs to be checked for suitability by GSR before inclusion.
  • Eight copies are printed. One is for the Archivist and one for retention by the GRE. Six copies are passed to the Literature person for display on the Group table*. An electronic copy is also emailed to the Archivist.
  • When the Group Report is available for members to read, an announcement is made by the GRE at the end of the meeting. This informs the members and encourages them to submit articles.