Group Inventory - Newcomers

How are we doing with Newcomers?  

A spot check inventory for SA groups in Europe & Middle-East Region.

1. Are newcomers welcomed with warmth and understanding, in a non-judgemental manner?

2. Is their anonymity respected?

3. When they arrive, do they find that we are a strong home group?

4. Do all home group members realize their responsibility to carry the SA message?

5. Does our meeting have a greeter?

6. Does the greeter or someone else explain the format of the meeting?

7. Is the newcomer informed that SA is a spiritual and not a religious organization?

8. Is the newcomer given a Starter Pack?

9. Is the newcomer given a “Where to find”?

10. Are comprehensive stocks of SA literature available?

11. Is the newcomer offered temporary sponsorship?

12. Do members offer their telephone numbers to the newcomer?

13. Do members offer to take newcomers to other meetings?

14. Is the secretary informed whenever there are newcomers?

15. Are opportunities taken for 12th Step work, during breaks or after the meeting?

16. Do we avoid overwhelming or spotlighting newcomers?

17. Do our newcomers keep coming back?