Grateful for Sex and Lust Addiction Recovery

I arrived in Sexaholics Anonymous broken, hopeless, and desperate. I began working the Steps with my SA sponsor, as they are laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I now continue to use the Steps as a design for living. I generally attend four Sexaholics Anonymous meetings each week, speak with several men in SA recovery daily, and meet with my sponsor regularly. My gratitude list is too long to write, but following  are some of the high points of my gratitude:

1. A conscious relationship with a loving and gracious Higher Power.

2. A marriage to a remarkable woman who loves me and tells me that she is happy to have me for her husband.

3. Loving and supportive friends around the world.

4. A profession which allows me to help others, and to contribute to the financial well-being of my family and community.

And so much more.

23 years sober