Grateful for the Fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous

I am grateful to have the luxury daily to be able to communicate with Sexaholics Anonymous members in my home, via Internet communication. I need to be immersed in this spiritual program all the time, because my default setting is to go my own way at any possible moment.  I also recently experienced some great fellowship at an SA workshop in Poland. I’m always encouraged to see joyful Sexaholics Anonymous members doing service; to hear members share their experience; to see a very surrendered old timer speaking and sharing her experience, strength and hope; and to see newer members who had been beaten by the disease but who now are crawling to the liferaft that is our fellowship--not even knowing yet that the SA fellowship is so much stronger and deeper than their wildest expectations.  Today I realized that I've been doing the Steps like a workout, and all of these things are about allowing the Real Connection to my Higher Power being restored. Thank you God for SA!