Grateful For Fellowship

Grateful For the Fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous

I just returned to the USA this past Tuesday from a month-long business trip in Australia and New Zealand, and I’m still quite jet lagged. Before my trip, I had scheduled a business teleconference for 10:00 this morning, and at 9:55 the phone rang from a telemarketer, while I was still sound asleep.  Ack!  I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes, combed my hair (I'm grateful it was a Skype call), and ran for my computer.  I was able to make the call on time, and then I had a great, friendly conversation with the client, and I was able to schedule two more training courses with him for a bit of extra income.

In my disease of sexaholism--before I found Sexaholics Anonymous--an incident like that would have left me brooding and feeling guilty and sorry for myself for hours afterwards.  I would not have handled the phone call well, and that would have been one more link in the chain toward me feeling terrible with myself, and then that would have eventually turned out into me acting out sexually, again.  But today, because of the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous, I was able to laugh at myself, and the client laughed with me.  I am incredibly thankful to God and SA for my personality change. Because of SA, I’m up and ready to have a good day today.

On the airplane back home across the Pacific, I had watched a spiritual movie that put me into a deep sense of humility, reminding me that I have been oozing into a condition of relying on myself rather than walking in humility before God as I understand Him.  I was in tears several times during that movie, seeing myself in the characters.  Today I am grateful to have had that reminder, and I’m grateful for the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous.