Getting Sober from Sexaholism

For the newcomers: as you try to get sober from sexaholism, eventually  the fantasies and memories  will  leave you.  This will take awhile, so in the meantime it is important to work the Twelve Steps of recovery with a sponsor, so as to experience some recovery from lust. It is also helpful to make four or five  calls a day to other sexaholics. I also find daily sobriety renewals to be helpful for recovery.  Attending church services or prayer meetings can be quite helpful.  Or do volunteer work, such as opening  a new SA  meeting  in your hometown--even the town where you were born! That’s a great way to bust  your sexaholic  ego.  

Lust is cunning,  baffling, and  powerful and very, very  patient-- so we need to be diligent.