General Service Representative or GSR

Sobriety: 2 years                                    Term: 2 years


  • Notify Intergroup (IG) that you are the Group’s new GSR.
  • Represent the Group at all IGs, Group Steering Committee (GSC) meetings and Group Conscience (GC) meetings.
  • Keep all IG documents in a folder and pass this on to your successor.
  • Ensure that the Group is supplied with up to date meeting directories by IG.  Notify the IG's Meeting Directory Officer of any changes in the Group’s representation, meeting details or contact telephone numbers.
  • Arrange extra Group events, as required, ensuring that adequate notice is given to all involved.
  • Ensure that IG Minutes are available on the Group table*, for members to read.
  • Keep Group members informed by making appropriate announcements at meetings.
  • When the GSC cannot be consulted, you have the authority to make decisions and implement actions, as you see fit.  Remember that you are accountable to the Group and should always report in full at the next GSC meeting or at the first available opportunity.
  • Send a greeting card to SAICO annually on behalf of the Group.


  • Convene a GSC meeting every [six] weeks, ensuring there is always such a meeting prior to an IG.
  • Convene a GC meeting every [six] months, in [June and December], at which rotations of service will be announced. Officers are to be sponsored into their new duties the following week and take over responsibility one week later.
  • Read Region and IG papers and bring any matters of significance to the attention of the GSC Chairman. When requested by IG, raise matters with the Group. For example: "Intergroup is seeking a Public Information Officer. Does the Group wish to nominate anyone?"
  • The agenda may include items discussed at previous or future IGs, Regional Assemblies or at the General Delegate Assembly (GDA). The GSR can request inclusion of any matter, but the Chairman of the GSC has the "right of decision" about what appears on the agenda.
  • The GSR should make accurate notes of all matters discussed at GSC and GC meetings and provide a written report to the Group Report Editor.


  • Ensure that each potential new officer is aware of these Group service guidelines before he or she takes on any commitment.
  • Ensure all service positions are filled and that people are turning up and carrying out their service.
  • If an elected officer is unable to complete his/her term of office, and resigns between GSC meetings, the GSR can appoint a replacement. The new officer then needs to be ratified at the next GSC.
  • If the departing officer is a member of the GSC, the GSR should personally cover the commitment or ask another current member of the GSC to do so until a replacement can be nominated by the GSC and ratified by the GC.

This list is not exhaustive and the GSR may acquire other duties. Remember to look to the Group for support. Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially from longer sober members.