But what if Sexaholics Anonymous is not for me?

Sexaholics Anonymous is one of several "S" fellowships, and is often seen as "hardlined" or "the end of the line". Many people take the journey of going to other "S" fellowships before eventually ending up in SA. Why? Many members share separate reasons, we hope to post some of those in the future. One reason is that they needed a fixed sobriety definition that all of their fellow recovering addicts also committed to. The unity in purpose gives us strength. 

That being said, we are not possessive over anyone, and freely provide information on the other 12 Step fellowships that may be of help. They are:

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Sexual Recovery Anonymous

The above links are provided for the convenience of browsers only. SA is not affiliated with any other 12 Step fellowship. 

We hope that you will soon find the right fellowship for you. Please remember that we are here, should you ever need us.