Freedom from Lust

Freedom From the Bondage of Lust and Sex Addiction

Lately I have heard many Sexaholics Anonymous members share with newer members on how they got through early withdrawal from lust--and my own  experience is similar to what has been shared. Actions that helped me in my early sexual sobriety (and still do) include connecting regularly with other SA members (including an SA  sponsor), attending lots of SA meetings, reading the SA literature (as well as AA  literature), and following the suggestions from the Sexaholics Anonymous “”White Book”  (especially the chapter entitled “Overcoming Lust and Temptation, SA page 157- 168).

There are two things from my experience that I cannot emphasize enough. First, my drug is lust. Acting out sexually is simply the end result of what happens when I use my drug of lust. So if all I'm doing is struggling to not act out, I am a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, that was what helped prove to me that I am a lust addict--I could not stay sober if I was lusting. So the real solution for me was to find a way through working the SA Twelve Steps with a sponsor to solve my lust problem--not just my acting out problem. Focusing on just not acting out never worked for me.

The second thing was that the real solution for me in gaining freedom from lust was to actively connect with God through surrendering lust, my will, and my life to Him. Every time I experience any kind of temptation or trigger to lust, I immediately go to God in conscious prayer and offer up that temptation to Him. Then I do the next right thing, or ask God what the next right thing is, and I surrender to His will by doing that immediately.

And although early sobriety was painful and I often felt quite depressed, eventually as I worked the SA Twelve Steps as my sponsor suggested I do them, I found that I was connecting rightly with God and others, and the the pain subsided. Now, sobriety and recovery are actually a joy. The freedom from the bondage of addiction is truly a pleasure--and the idea of going back to the bondage of sex addiction is not attractive at all.

Thanks to God for the SA program of recovery!

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