Finding Sexual Sobriety through Sexaholics Anonymous Conventions

I am grateful to SA members who shared with me the importance of attending Sexaholics Anonymous conventions. For myself, I did not find real recovery until I stepped out of the comfort zone of my local surroundings, where I was relapsing constantly.  Then I started attending conventions in other countries.  I did not know it at the time, but that was what I needed in order to prepare a seedbed for my recovery to blossom. I remember a conversation with a member in an airport lounge in Dublin, where I received a moment of clarity that my prideful self had not seen before. The SA conventions have provided a fertile ground for my recovery to grow root, and these roots have grown stronger as the result of attending these events.

The benefits I have received include:

  • Getting a sober sponsor who has a sober sponsor, who both attend a sober meeting.
  • Benefiting from new ideas and sober approaches that I learned and experienced at these conventions.
  • Being able to share these new ideas and experiences with my own SA group (and this has made my group stronger).
  • Beginning to understand that I had to be willing to go to any lengths to get sober and to adopt a sober way of living.

All of this was as a direct result of experiencing the Good Orderly Direction given freely at these conventions.  And most important: I have been sexually sober for the first time in my life for 356 days back to back, one day at a time. For this I Am truly truly grateful.