Finding Sexual Sobriety Through Sexaholics Anonymous

When I first came to Sexaholics Anonymous, I needed to give up many things in order to find sexual sobriety, recovery, and freedom from lust:

  • I gave up fighting lust
  • I gave up struggling against lust
  • I gave up designing my own program for recovery
  • I gave up doing things my own way
  • I gave up the illusion that I knew what was best for me

Instead, I got an SA sponsor and worked the Twelve Steps of the SA program as he suggested.

I have heard a whole lot of stories from SA members who have years of sobriety, that they did those same things. I've heard a whole lot of stories from people who are still trying to do those things that I gave up trying to do, and sobriety, recovery and freedom still escapes them.

There really is a solution, but the solution requires that I give up my own way of doing things in order to experience it.

Grateful sexaholic, Sexually sober since 2009