Finding Serenity through Sexaholics Anonymous

I just left my boss’s office.  He was disturbed because a project I oversee was causing him stress.  And when that happens, I get to become his source of stress relief. He suggested that I run a bunch of analyses on the job and see what needed to be changed.  But my ego was saying inside of my head: “I don't have time for that; that's a waste; we already know that...” etc.  And my stress was going up the whole time.  

Then a NEW IDEA came into my mind.  It went something like this: "Hey….he's giving you an opportunity to show your skills and value to the company! Go back to your office and do the report; you might even learn something!"  Hmmm; that's what they pay me for.  

So I said the Serenity Prayer and went back to my project.  The SA program of recovery really works!