The Fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous Helps Me Stay Sober

In my active addiction, I spent all of my money on prostitutes and traveling, but for the last seven years in Sexaholics Anonymous, I have spent all of my spare money on SA conventions and workshops.  I have averaged seven or eight conventions per year in Europe and the United States. And whenever possible, I stay extra days after the conventions,  fellowshipping with other SA members.

For example, I stayed an extra week after the Chicago convention, and I had fellowship with my Irish and Atlanta fellows there. At the Israel regional convention in 2014, I stayed two-and-a-half extra weeks travelling  around with my fellows.  Last year I stayed an extra week in Ireland, and I visited with SA fellows from many different countries there.  I also visited Auschwitz after a Polish workshop.

Fellowship with other sex addicts helps me stay sober as no other tool can help me.

Many times, the cost of the plane ticket to attend an SA convention (as well as the price of the convention) is less than what I would have previously spent on just one evening of acting out.  In those days I would walk for hours like a drug junkie, walking up and down the street in a red light area, then looking at porn in disgusting porn booths, then finally entering a brothel with high expectations that "this time it would be different," and then being back on the street 15 minutes later--and then again feeling empty, alone, desperate, and angry. Then I would go home to overeat and masturbate myself into oblivion.

Thank God for the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous, and for International SA events!  Because of SA, I don’t have to live like I did before.