Fellow Sexaholics Give Me Hope

When a sober Sexaholics Anonymous member shares the good, the bad, and the ugly--in other words when he becomes gut honest--I sharpen my ears, and my thirsty soul drinks what it was always looking for: the human connection. I don’t need to feel subhuman or superhuman, but just one amidst the others.

I can relate to a sexaholics who shares honestly

When I hear a Sexaholic share about the most difficult struggles in his life--which are inevitably inherent of life (if you don't agree, you might be still too young or not long sober enough to relate)--then I can identify, I can relate. I understand what he is talking about. And the fact that he stays sober amidst these difficulties proves to me that the Sexaholics Anonymous program really works, and that gives me hope. In fact that gives me more hope than any happy news show or program quotes can ever provide.