Fear Squad

Along the sidelines of my mind, for most of my life, there have been a bevy of pom-pom waving fearleaders.  They're very non-triggering fearleaders, draped in black and drab.  They lead jeers and cheerless cheers to dispirit the home team - me.

I think it started in college:

You're not gonna graduate!
Goooo flunker!"

Other classics:

"Depression!  D-E-depression!
That's-the-mission!  M-I-the mission!"

"We've got worries, yes we do!
We've got worries, how 'bout you?"

The traditional cheer is "Go! Go! Go!"  The fearleaders cry "Stop!  Stop!  Stop!"

I've got to hand it to them: they're enthusiastic and tireless.  It's hard to concentrate with the chants in the background.

"You gotta raw, raw, raw deal
Born with wounds that will not heal!"

On occasion, they can be seen marching in front of the Parade of Past Resentments and on some days hosting Lack of Pep Rallies and Low Spirits Night.  

When I did the Fifth Step, they got dramatically quieter, and at the Ninth Step even more.  The home team was winning, which they dislike.  Affirming the opposite of whatever they cheer has been very helpful lately.