Facing Our Feelings in Sexaholics Anonymous


  • Did anyone experience vulnerability, feelings of weakness, and disconnection from Sexaholics Anonymous fellows after two months of sobriety? Also, my self esteem is getting low. Is this normal? Thank you for your precious help in advance.


  • This sounds like your own lifelong feelings of disconnection, vulnerability, and weakness coming more to the surface as you work the SA program. Your feelings have always been there, but in sobriety we become better aware of our feelings. What you are going through is normal, and you are becoming more aware of the underlying disease.

Solutions Include:

  • Know that it this is normal and even GOOD.
  • Know that "this too shall pass."
  • Keep talking about about these things.
  • Do the opposite of what your distorted thoughts and feelings tell you to do; for example:
  • Take the the actions of connecting whether you feel like it or not.