Eye Candy Addiction

I am a candy addict.  What’s that you say? That this is Sexaholics Anonymous and I shouldn't share about food--that it is against the Traditions, that we keep it to our specific drug, namely lust? Well, that's exactly what I am talking about! I am addicted to a particular type of candy: eye candy.

For me, eye candy is everything my eyes want to take in because it all looks so "sweet," beautiful, and delicious. So "promising." A single look can't hurt me, can it? Don't you guys exaggerate?

Well, a single candy IS poison for a compulsive sugar addict like me. And in the same way a single eye candy is poison for a compulsive sex addict like me. One look is too much and a thousand looks are not enough. I lie to myself that "enjoying" the beautiful face of a young woman in my training is not really lust. One look won’t hurt, will it? But the truth is that it IS eye candy and that I am a compulsive over-luster. I am cheating on myself by allowing myself to look at these eye candies. I am missing real sobriety because of it.  I am going for the misconnection instead of the Real Connection. I am feeding my lust addiction, and worshiping the created instead of to the Creator. I totally forgot that I had heard old-timers use this term “Eye Candy”... but today I remembered it when I desperately craved an "innocent look" once again at an attractive co-student. Thank God for the old-timers in Sexaholics Anonymous for allowing me remember this.