Explicit Sharing

Explicit sharing is something I seldom do in Sexaholics Anonymous; in fact I don't always share lust with others at all. Most often, I first surrender my lust to God and then, if I don’t feel free from lust, I'll make a call to a program friend. However, I am often able to let go of the explicit part after I surrender my lust to God. Then I don’t need to burden another with my explicit sharing.

Overcoming Lust Addiction By Surrendering to God

My SA sponsor has taught me that I should go to God before surrendering lust to another human being. He has also taught me that lust is not my problem, resentment and fear are the roots of my lusting and acting out. So if I feel lustful, then I need to take inventory and see what I'm hiding from, because when I'm connected to God--without harboring resentments or fears blocking the connection--I often find that I’m not interested in lust at all.

Explicit Sharing v Explicit Praying

So quite often I just say the Third Step Prayer (from page 63 in the Book “Alcoholics Anonymous”), making a complete surrender of my will and my life to God (including my thoughts and actions), and then I try to write out how I'm feeling. Usually I find a few resentments that I was unwilling to look at earlier, so then I call my sponsor or or another Sexaholics Anonymous member, and I share my inventory. After that I do Steps Six and Seven, asking God to remove my shortcomings, and after that I usually I feel clean again.

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