Welcome to EMER's Calendar

Here you will find the dates and times of SA Events - workshops, conventions, recovery days, Regional Assemblies and committee meetings - in Europe and beyond. Please note that the timezone shown in this Calendar is London local time. 

For more information - see below

Many of the events listed in the Calendar above have further details embedded in them. Just click on the event to open it. Within you may find a detailed description of the event or perhaps a link to a downloadable PDF flier.  

Some top EMER events

EMER Speaker Phone Meetings - on the fourth Mondays of each month

EMER's Regional Assembly Teleconferences - EMER holds quarterly teleconferences at 19.00 London local time on the first Mondays of March, June, September and December.

EMER's annual face to face Regional Assembly and Convention  - Our annual regional get together. The next one will be in Poland in July 2023, when we'll join SA's International Summer Convention.

All SA members are welcome to attend these events.