Withdrawl brings lasting relief

The SA White Book says that we have "taken ourselves out of the whole context of what is right or wrong." For me, when I lust, there is no right or wrong, no saintly or normal. There is only want.

I was also shocked when I came to SA and they told me to stop masturbating and stop looking at pornography.  But I was desperate enough to try it. What I discovered is that porn and masturbation always add to my lust. In particular, I used to think masturbation relieved my lust, but that was never so. All it does is create a temporary moment of relief, while adding to the underlying desire that returns and returns and returns.

This is perhaps a core part of what makes me a sexaholic, that once is too much and no amount is ever enough.  

It took about three weeks of no porn and no masturbating before I began to get true relief.  During that time, I suffered withdrawal symptoms as bad as any I hear from drug addicts. After that time, my head cleared for the first time in my life.