When I'm not focussed - lust comes

Lust happens whenever I am not focussed on anything in particular. Today that means I need to recognize that God is always inviting me to focus deliberately - either on Him or on some specific task....because otherwise I am at risk of relapsing back into lust.

I have lived all my life lazily, passively, and I still do so - even after giving up TV! No wonder lust has been such a problem for me. 

Today, God is inviting me to live actively, choosing every moment either to BE or to DO something that serves HIS purpose, rather than my own selfish purposes. And, when I accept His invitation, I find that I really am living a life that is not only sober in every sense of the world, but is truly beyond my wildest dreams. (My wildest dreams turned out to be a nightmare for myself and others!)  Thank God for the gift of our program.