What I want is not a formula for success

Page 60 of the Big Book suggests we "be convinced that any life run on self will can hardly be a success." Self will is "what I want". So I have paraphrased the statement thus, "...be convinced that any life run on what I want can hardly be a success." If that be the case, then am guilty as charged. I have run my life based on what I want. Rarely have I seriously considered what others want or what Higher Power wants. It has almost always been about what I want.

Step 3 is teaching me to think about others' needs and how I might meet these by God's grace. Step 3 is also telling me that to do the rest of the Steps, 4-12, will help to remove that selfishness and help me to put, think and see others and my Higher Power before I put, think & see myself.

My prayer is for that knowledge to turn to wisdom and to be a working part of my being, to be transformed to His will.