Wearing my provocative hat

At times, I've wished many women wouldn't dress in the provocative the way they do. But I'm starting to understand how electric a temptation it would be if, by showing some skin, I could turn heads. Problem is, for me, if I bared my midriff I'd probably turn stomachs.

I was thinking about what it would feel like if I could attract attention by wearing a brownie hat - a hat built out of freshly baked brownies. It would be nice to draw hungry stares from females due to my provocative chapeau. I wonder, though, if I began to discover that women only wanted to be with me because of my hat, if I would start to feel used.

For instance, if the typical conversation with my female partners was like the following.

Her: Wanna have some fun tonight?
Me: Sounds good.
Her: Bring your brownie hat.
Me: I'm tired of it. Can I just wear a fedora tonight or something?
Her: No, the brownie hat is essential.
Me: Well, I'm not wearing it tonight.
Her: On second thought, I just remembered I have a doctor's appointment.
Me: At 8 pm?
Her: Yes. Of course they may be able to reschedule the appointment...
Me: ...if I wear the brownie hat...
Her: Yea.

Do I want attention from women only for what I wear, and who only want to be with me for as long as I can stimulate their appetite? That won't last very long. Because they're eventually going to find a younger guy who wears a hat made of éclairs and then it's bye bye me.

I'm starting to feel sympathy for women who walk through life with the equivalent of brownie hats, trying to attract loving men using exactly the wrong bait: an advertisement for lustful men. Some will be condemned to becoming simply another one of a long line of disposable women guys will use to sate their lust.

Women are capable of inspiring greatness, nobility, poetry, courage, hope, and healing in men. A life spent in provoking lust seems like a lower vocation.