The TV channels in my head

I used to think I didn't watch much TV.  Lo and behold there's a TV I watch off and on every day.  It's MTV - Mental Television - channels that broadcast in my head. 

A small sampling of the networks would include -

ASPN (Angry Sports Network): Top ten highlights of critiques and other slights received during the day with analysis of what should have happened.  
ASPN Classic: From the archives, vintage footage of injuries done to me years ago.  
WIM (Woe Is Me network): Melodrama at its finest.  Tear-jerker fantasy movies star me in the unforgettable roles of loner, outsider, and picked-on victim of a cold world.

BNN (Bad News Network): 24 hour visions of impending doom that never actually happens. 

The Food Network: Taste-tempting visions of my other obsession.

It's not all TV.  There's also Serious Satellite Radio: Coward Stern serves up all-day insults: "You're worthless, you'll never amount to anything, you're guilty..." 

I've decided I want to switch to HP TV which is network television since it's plugged into the network of recovery.  Such channels include -

ABC: As simple as it sounds.  The fundamentals (the abc's) of staying sober are always worth viewing - "don't act out no matter what," "a day at a time," etc.

NBC (Not By Chance): Believing that SA and sobriety happened to me not by chance helps me believe in a loving higher power.

CBS (Calls Bring Serenity): Others can "SEE B.S." in my thinking more quickly than I can, so I need to call.

My mind is always wanting to watch something, so might as well tune in to the right channels.  Reality TV is when I bring these visions out into my real life for others to view.  This will give new meaning to the words "make me a channel of your peace."