Trying Higher Power's way

My sponsor is trying to get me through Step 3 - full and complete surrender to my Higher Power.  This is a very difficult concept for me but my sponsor is being very patient and kind - taking baby steps with me.

On some level, I understand the idea of surrender.  I need to stop doing what I want and what my addicted brain wants me to do and start surrendering to the will of my Higher Power.  I need to start asking Him, "What do you want me to do?" I need to accept his answer humbly and then do it.

And this goes not only for lust, but for every part of my life.  I'm learning that everything in my life has revolved around lust.  When I'm resentful, I feel entitled to act out. When I feel angry, I think I'm justified in acting out. When I feel stress, I imagine that acting out will provide relief.  When I'm happy, I want to celebrate by acting out. Any one of a hundred such thoughts or feelings can lead me lust and to acting out. 

So I need to surrender my entire life - my entire being - to my Higher Power.  I have tried doing things my way and it has been an utter failure. It's time to try it my Higher Power's way.