Truth or Consequences

When I experience bad Consequences, there's usually a Truth I'm not wanting to face.

Exhibit A: Before SA, I experienced Consequences of loneliness, despair, self-hatred, etc. etc. but I was afraid to face the Truth of why this was so, probably because I'd learned that the Truth can be uncomfortable.

I sought Explanations (that it was my parents' fault, that philosophically I was a victim of a cold universe, etc.).  But it got painful enough that I was finally motivated to seek the Truth.  And the Truth was a little uncomfortable - SA showed me it was that these Consequences were the result of me.  Hard Truth but the good part about facing Truth is that it ends up being softer than the Consequences.  

The way out was the wonderful H.O.W. of the program - Honesty about the problem, Open-mindedness to the solution SA was offering me, and Willingness to follow it.

So Consequences (lead me to) ---> Truth (to face it, which leads me to) ---> HOW (which gets me out of the consequences, or at least those parts under my "control" [for lack of a better word]).

To apply that to a current issue, I have a messy room.  Consequences.  There's some Truth I don't want to face - that I don't like things that require discipline, etc.  Sometimes the Truth only comes over time, so it could be something else.  But I will be honest about it and seek solutions with an open mind, especially from members who have overcome the problem, and be willing to implement them.

Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions are very insistent that these problems should be shared with the right person. So, today I practice Steps 4 and 5 by sharing with safe people in safe situations.