Tired but not tempted

It's after 1 a.m. and I'm still at work (about 19 hours so far).  And probably another hour or so to go before I can head home, grab a few hours of sleep - and then come back to do it all over again.  I'm tired. I'll have to be careful driving home.

And while some people would be very frustrated and angry at having to work these hours, I find myself feeling good, perhaps even elated.

There was a time, about a year or so ago, when a late night like this would find me on a my phone - looking for pictures or movies or even looking at a hook-up website.  I'd be looking for any excuse to leave the office but still be "working late".

Actually I did the leave the office tonight. I drove over to a local hangout and sat with my sponsor for just a few minutes and talked.  He went out of his way to meet me.  He shared. I shared. He gave me encouragement. What he shared gave me hope. Then he gave me a hug and went home.

I'm certain he would rather have been at home with his wife, relaxing and winding down for the evening.  I hope he reads this and knows how encouraging he was to me tonight.

I'm feeling lifted up by that 15 minute meeting.  I have hope. I have a reason to be sober tonight.  And, because of my sponsor, I am, as I am sitting here, completely without temptation.

Of course this is only for right now.  At some point, something or somone will come along and tempt me again.  But for now, I'm enjoying the brief respite given by my Higher Power and facilitated by my sponsor.