Time for me to fly

This morning, as I was driving to work, still feeling tired after an emotional weekend, I started being assaulted by images.  Images I didn't want and was working hard to surrender, but was struggling and unable to successfully give them up to my Higher Power.

I happened to glance at the radio, which displayed the title of the song that was playing:  Time For Me To Fly by REO Speedwagon.  At that moment, I stopped listening to the radio. I don't even know what the song was about. All I remember is seeing the title.

At that moment the images left my mind.  My mind flashed back to the weekend, which had involved pain, anger and very hard work.  And now, the next morning, it was time for me to spread my wings and fly.

I don't know why I saw that song title. I don't know if it was simply coincidence or if my Higher Power was helping me.  Either way, I'm thankful for that small phrase on the screen in my car.

I wonder how many small messages I've been missing. I wonder how many small pieces of encouragement and strength and hope I'm missing in the world around me, simply because I have been too busy filling my mind with garbage.

So today, I'm trying to see the small things around me: the warmth of the sun on my face; the kind word of a co-worker; a good deed being done or a song title.  And I will look for encouragement, strength, and hope in the simple things around me.