Thirty years sober

It's a good time to remember the awesome miracle that has happened in my life. Here, in 12 Step fellowship, I have found what I'd always been looking for. I've learned that I'm here to pass on a great message - that it is possible to live life, one day at a time, without lust. 

Alongside the joy of 30 years of sobriety comes the great challenge to not rest on my laurels. I know that if I don't keep moving forwards, I will go backwards. Now, I'm asking God to remove even my secret places of dishonesty - places I am not aware of yet, especially in my people pleasing. I'm tired of saying yes when down deep I mean no! My AA sponsor died recently and my new sponsor is trying to get me to examine all of my behavior in terms of whether it is based on Fear or Love.

Your friend in fellowship,