Things I'm able to do without lust

Last night, I attended a meeting where the speaker ended with the words, "thank God I found SA!"  This is my sentiment exactly.

Before SA, I thought I understood how to live life but actually I did not, otherwise I wouldn't have been so hooked on lu$t. Fear, resentment, guilt and remorse ruled my life and I could not handle it. Lust was my "go to" to make me feel better, to escape the parts of life I didn't like, to escape me. While in the depth of my addiction, I couldn't recognize how much more unmanageable my life was due to lust. I honestly thought lust was the only good constant thing in my life.

The "Joy of Recovey" for me is recognizing and accepting the truth about myself. Finding a whole new way to live. I find this new way difficult, as it is so different from my old ways, but when I take the difficult way things turn out better for.

With SA,

  1. I'm able to go to sleep next to my wife with integrity instead of shame and hiding my lies.
  2. I'm available for my daughters and not an empty shell.
  3. Focusing less on myself, provides me more peace
  4. I'm more focused with work and life in general - lust used to take up a lot of time.
  5. When I share from my weakness at a meeting, I gain strength.
  6. I have a much better and intimate relationship with my wife, kids, family, co-workers and friends.
  7. I save a lot of money that I used to waste on lust
  8. I don't have to worry about giving a sexually transmitted disease to my wife.
  9. I could go on about all the lust consequences I don't have to face.
  10. I sleep better at night and when I don't I have better tools at my disposal to help me get through it.

Recovery is hard work, but I have found that it is well worth it. Life is difficult enough without me adding salt to my wounds by lusting.