Terminal uniqueness

Besides sexaholism, I suffer from chronic uniqueness.  Symptoms include a sense of my own importance, entitlement and a feeling of isolation from others, usually accompanied by self-pity. There is a children's show that features a character named Uniqua. The rest of the characters are animals, but she is an alien with trumpets for ears.  In a world of regular animals, I've always seen myself as Uniqua.

Scientists have ignored my disease and it's difficult to raise awareness for it because one of the symptoms is a sense of being better than others, and if that gets out, it could lead to even more isolation for me. It quietly irks me that although fitting strides have been made to create ramps accessible to those in wheelchairs, there is no special Me-Only entrance to buildings to accommodate my situation, i.e. a need to have the world uniquely tailored to me.

Even my disease is unique among diseases, in that it is very reasonable and almost necessary.  If I'm like everyone else, I can't be found.  If I'm a blade of grass in a field, how will anyone find me?  And if I can't be found, I can't be loved.  But if I'm a neon blade of grass (unique), I stand a better chance of not being overlooked.

In my fantasy world, women from across the globe flocked willingly to my special summons, as was perfectly natural.  In real life relationships, each new woman was a placeholder and time-filler as I awaited the arrival of the perfect woman.  But I've concluded through much observation that my ideal woman, one who is perfection, doesn't exist.  How awful to be condemned to a world where that's the case.  And then came the onset of uniqueness.

SA was initially very accommodating to my uniqueness.  My very first meeting was a newcomer meeting just for me and even now, when I introduce myself at meetings, the room erupts with an enthusiastic "Hi!" which is a great ego boost.  But they go and do the same thing for every member, which kind of kills the whole uniqueness thing. But in that and a million other ways, SA helps combat both my diseases.