Telling my problems how big my Higher Power is

At a recent conference I was told that instead of telling my Higher Power how big my problems are, I was to tell my problems how big my Higher Power is.

Today, I'm grateful that I have enough recovery to trust my Higher Power enough for this. My Higher Power has enough grace to take me the rest of the way when I fall short.  I'm grateful that I've made amends to my father, so that even if he dies from his current illness, I've invested in a good relationship with him. I'm grateful that I can see school starting as an opportunity to serve my family, making living amends for the years I stole from them. I'm grateful that my brother is hitting bottom hard, so that he can always look back to that as an encouragement to work his programme. I'm grateful that the chaos he creates is bringing my family together as we seek ways to survive the pain.  I'm grateful for the opportunities life is presenting to me in my recent retirement, and that I am present to enjoy them.

I'm grateful that I'm a sexaholic.  I wouldn't have found a Higher Power that works or a fellowship that is always there for me. I love you guys.  Thanks for keeping me sober.