Surrendering lust

In war, when a General surrenders, he typically has to surrender a lot more than just his "right" to make war. He usually has to surrender everything that enabled him to make war in the first place: that might include weapons, equipment, men and even territory. 

In my own experience, if I think I am going to surrender my right to lust without surrendering something painfully concrete (e.g. "weapons" such as my telephone, my contacts and my sexaholic lifestyle),  I'm deluding myself. 

This is another reason I need tough sponsorship.  I wouldn't dream of giving up any of the above willingly.  I only did so myself under the threat of having to look for another sponsor if I didn't.

But having made some very concrete surrenders,  I have not looked back since. I now understand that until I created some empty space in my life,  there was really no space left for my HP to fill.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to make some very concrete, practical surrenders in my life.