Stress states which threaten sobriety

I just want to give away my top plates – some things that threaten my sobriety today:

  • Heightened state of stress – I am coming to terms with the fact that, in recovery and without my lust drug, I have entered into an acute state of stress due to dealing (or learning to deal) with life. for example:
    • I am looking for a part time job because I am a student.
    • I have to run around today and get food, pay rent, get a haircut and take care of a few other things.
    • My landlady is slow to fix the light in my room – this bugs me.
  • Another trigger involves when I am dealing with or being around other stressed or troubled people. I am at accessibility services where I use the computer because I need access to one and can’t own one. (They know I am in SA) – and people are here for interviews and I sense their stress and it is affecting me.
  • My educational funding is up in the air – I still have 10 months of school with only about 3 months of funding.

The bottom line for me is I am learning that these type of things creates a heightened and acute state of stress and without my lust drug, my body, brain and system are trying to find a way to process it.