Step work - tough but worthwhile

I love reading about how SA members work the Steps. Whether they are working Step one or twelve, doesn't matter. It encourages me and provides me with motivation to continue my own path of applying the Steps - the principles of the programme - in my daily life.

When I began working the Steps, I did it on blind faith. I saw others in my group who were not only sober but living life on life's terms - accepting God's will in their lives. I started the Steps with the hope that this could happen to me.

I found a great sponsor who spent time with me, talking about his experience with the Steps and being beside me when the Step work was difficult. Encouraging me by letting me know that it is tough work but also that it is worthwhile.

Today, my life is so-o-o-o much better than it used to be. Not just because I'm sober, but I have a better understanding of how to live life on my Higher Power's terms. Living this new way, based on the Steps, is really strange and not necessarily intuitive. Sometimes it's a scary path, especially since I'm not used to it. I'm a lot more vulnerable and exposed. But I get such rewards, especially when I'm not self-centered and selfish.

The greatest gift is having a much better connection with my Higher Power - something I have never had before. And a real connection with my wife, my kids, friends and co-workers - actually with people in general.

I'm extremely grateful for the SA fellowship. It has turned my life around completely and it has been well worth the effort of working the Steps.